Lauren Morrison

"Love love love it!! Started with my first class this morning at Earsdon- it was brilliant! It was hard and had me sweating-a lot- but was well worth it. The ladies who ran it and even the other women in the class were so friendly and help us round the course. Definitely be back!."

Danielle Jose

"They say when you know you know. There I was trying out juicy for the first time and BAM, I met my new fitness obsession. A half hour high intensity class where just when you feel you can't give any more you're moving on to the next challenge. No more fitness cliques, the room was full of friendly faces and everyone works at their own pace, meaning nobody should be put off by their own fitness level. A fast paced, never get chance to get bored kind of a class, can't wait to get started!"

Isla Allan

"Well Juicy you met my expectations and then exceeded them! Relaxed, inviting, professional, fun and hard work!! Your concept of a full body work out is perfect for me. Previously I've had to arrive at some fitness classes 30minutes early to 'reserve a spot' but not now! Huge congratulations ladies, onwards and upwards for sure ."

Sharon Marshall

"Amazing workout. Friendly atmosphere trainers are very helpful. Fully recommend to anyone wanting to tone up. Loose weight. Full body workout xx."

Lyndsey Burgess

"Tonight was my first time and after not training properly after having my little girl I was a little apprehensive but there was literally no need , lovely friendly lasses with brilliant clear instruction and advice.
Defo buying a pass and getting on it !
Thank you!"

Karla Richardson

"Thank u I love it really enjoyed it I have tried other classes but this is defo the best xxx"

Tina Marr

"One week in and lost 6 and half inches in total love it love it love it xx"

Natalie Pomfrey

"9 weeks ago I walked into Wellfield Middle School for a Juicy session on my own. 9 weeks later, 20 lbs down and I am a new women."I've met the best bunch of lasses, support is unreal, so friendly and just there for each other. Just how it should be."I'm not where I want to be but I am half way there. I've learned to love myself for who I am! "

Ashleigh Simpson

"I first came to a Juicy class 7 weeks after giving birth, 4 weeks later I started my first DROP PT programme and I've not looked back. 

The PT sessions were tailored to me and I was given the support I needed in class, and by my PT instructors. The diet plans were easy to follow and with a young family that's been a big hurdle for me in the past.."

Natalie Williams

"Great way to keep fit. Set routine so you know what your doing. Friendly group with lots of encouragement. No childcare issues like a gym has as the kids can play at the side. Pay as you go or buy block bookings and save some money. Prepare to sweat!"