Maternal Mental Health Matters


This week is Maternal Mental Health Matters week


One of the toughest and testing experiences a woman can go through is the desire to be a mother and when the time comes the challenge of carrying that precious bundle, not just physically but mentally, is something you could never be prepared for.

The changes to your body are both amazing and moumental to carry your bundle of joy, everyone can see the changes to your body on the outside, but the changes on the inside are often a lot harder to notice.

When your baby arrives, you ask yourself a million 🤔questions a day about how you measure up, are you doing it 'right'? Are you good enough?

Sometimes you question how you're 'supposed' to feel towards your baby.

On top of this a new baby can leave you feeling isolated, the routine and social interaction you get through work stops, friends visiting drops away and you struggle to get a little bit of time for yourself, between the demands of your little one.

So its no wonder than 1 in 10 new Mams develop a mental illness during pregnancy or in the year after.

So its important to TALK if you feel like you are struggling, to your partner, a family member, friend, midwife or doctor, if you cant find the words write it down.
Your not alone 😘

Exercise is a fantastic way to not only get back in shape, an opportunity to socialise and get some 'grown up talk' but most importantly it releases 'happy' endorphins and lifts your mood!

We're proud of our child friendly classes which allow Mams to access exercise when otherwise they might not be able to, because of our commitment to our Geordie Mam's we will be bringing you something just for you in the near future