Body Dysmorphia - Mental Health Awareness


'Are you kidding me how can you not see how tiny you are!?'

Body Dysmorphia Disorder (BDD) , because no matter how many people tell you how amazing you are , sometimes your mind can't visualise it from the reflection in the mirror .

We live in the age of instagram , where photoshop reigns supreme and celebrities sue if an inch of cellulite is published.

Body image is huge these days , and so is the worry that comes with it .

It's thought that between one and five in 100 people in the UK have body dysmorphic disorder. Doctors don't know exactly how many people have the condition because people often keep it a secret. Body dysmorphic disorder often starts in adolescence, but it can affect all age groups and is equally common in men and women.

Many people worry that they have a flaw in their appearance but these thoughts usually come and go. If you have body dysmorphic disorder, you're so concerned about your appearance that this has a significant impact upon your life. The perceived flaw is usually minimal or imaginary. You may be concerned with any area of your body. It's common for people with body dysmorphic disorder to worry about a part of their face such as nose, hair, skin, eyes, chin and lips. The most common complaint is that something is too big or too small, or out of proportion.

The degree to which you experience body dysmorphic disorder can vary. If you have mild body dysmorphic disorder you will constantly worry about your appearance but can appear to carry on with a normal life. Moderate or severe body dysmorphic disorder has a serious impact on your life and the symptoms are very upsetting.

We all have those flaws that we wish we could change . A smaller nose , bigger eyes, straighter teeth , clearer skin. But when it becomes an obsession and consumes you it is all the mirror sees and this is massively detrimental to your mental health and we all have society to blame .

For more info on the tell tale signs of BDD click the link in the comments ❤️

Please remember that you are beautiful and that no one is as appears on instagram 💚

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