Isla's Journey


The true measurement of success doesn't come from the scales or a tape measure , but from the outlook of our clients and how they see themselves.

From day one at Juicy our mission was to not only change what was infront of the mirror physically but get behind the mental changes .What better way to celebrate an amazing first 3 months of business than by praising the amazing peaches who have helped us live and breathe our vision from day 1 .

Meet our amazing Isla!

A few amazing words from the little peach herself ....

"I started Juicy on the 15th January 2018 - I was lined up ready for my taster session!During 2017 I had attended various other fitness classes and followed a weight loss plan but a few months before Christmas had lost my way.

I was looking for some inspiration and Juicy caught my eye on social media with its empowering statements.They felt personal and I could instantly relate to them. I needed something new and fresh to get me feeling happy and healthy again and I felt sure I would find it at Juicy.I wanted a sense of belonging, not a quick fix. I wanted to be proud of myself in anything I could achieve both physically and mentally.I've been attending Juicy for almost 3 months now and definitely feel like I belong, not only to the instructors Zoe and Nat, but to the women I train with. On top of all this, I wanted to feel healthy again, challenge myself and find what works for me. I did!

I love the variety you find in class.The exercises challenge you personally and anyone can achieve them and also be pushed by them. I love looking to my left or right and hearing people say "well done" or "wow" and I equally like giving that encouragement back.I like the feeling I have and the end of class, that happy feeling right from inside and being able to say "you did it" to myself. 

The classes boost my mental health massively and I look forward to getting to them every week. That's down to the instructors and the way they teach positive mental attitude along with good fitness techniques.I'm impressed with the 4 week rolling programme. I feel it's a great length of time to get your head into all the exercises, master them and push yourself.

It's also a good time frame to never feel like you are repeating yourself again and again as before you know it the new programme is here and you are challenged again by new exercises.My fitness levels are always increasing and that is very evident from the Juicy programme - I surprise myself from week one to week four in what I can achieve! 

I also notice simple things like running a flight of stairs without getting out of breath as much or walking the dogs and realising I can climb that hill quicker.
Physically I see the shape of my body changing and I smile a lot more when looking in the mirror now. However Juicy has taught me to love the body I have no matter what.

Some weeks I gain weight but still stand in front of that mirror in love with myself because of something I've read on Juicy social media or something a person in class said to me.Mentally Juicy has built me up to believe in myself and to me that is one of the most important things. I know I could walk into those classes as I am now, bigger or smaller and they would still accept me. 

That's taught me to accept myself.Juicy is the full package and offers so much more that just an exercise class.They are around for you when they need you and they are building an incredible generation of woman who empower women."

Who wouldn't want to be part of that?