Jemma's Journey


This is the amazing Jemma a Juicy customer first then becoming a instructor, she's been on a huge journey over the past 6 months, she's changed her whole lifestyle! Exercising most of her adult life in one form or another Jemma has struggled to just make it all 'click' together and get the results she wanted and sustain them.

Yo-yo dieting, trying different fads and classes, none of which have gelled, she lost weight but never kept it off. 

Why did she struggle for so long as many of us do? Because she didn't address the reasons behind her bad habits and change her lifestyle, only making short term changes meaning she'd always fall back into her previous ways and inevitably becoming unhappy again.

Jemma was unhappy and until she identified the reasons why, she'd not be able to deal with the reasons she was unhappy in her own skin. The reasons were deeper than any fitness class or diet plan, its fair to say Jemma has completed changed her life in the past 6 months, jobs and family set up with the support of Juicy.

Alongside making huge life changes, she's addressed the psychology behind why she was eating 'easy' foods, grabbing something quickly or over eating. She's taken control and is now seeing the results from her training by reprogramming her thought process to food and making changes for life. She's now confident in her own body and happy with the PERSON in the mirror not just the body.

Juicy is more than just a fitness class, we want you to FEEL good about yourself it's not just what's in the reflection that counts!